Creating and distributing domain specific written content is an expensive and complex process. A Brazillian group of law teachers wanted to create an easier way to distribute legal content (specifically digital versions of legal books and codes) to judges, lawyers, and students.

The goal was to reduce costs for distribution while reducing the paper usage footprint, allowing the users to create contextualized content, as well as publish and commercialize annotations from well-known professionals.

Anotado is a Brazilian law companion for students and professionals.


Our Strategy

Implement an authoring and publishing cloud platform, focused on mobile delivery through iOS and Android devices, to provide mobility, adaptability, and digitization for legal content in Brazil, while incentivizing an offline-first approach.

The Results

We created a platform for authoring and distributing domain specific content through mobile devices. Through our clients, and as a case study, we published a set of free Android and iOS mobile applications that include the full texts of the laws chosen by our clients.

The free apps included, as a single in-app purchase, a group of annotations authored by a select group of well-known professionals, as well as the capability of allowing the user to create his own content on his own device.