The University of Coimbra wanted to conduct a clinical study focused on post-partum depression. Their goal was to employ digital distribution to make it easier to reach a larger audience and easier to record and compile results.

This platform’s goal was to assess the impact of exercises and motivational/educational information on the condition of women going through post-partum depression. The information provided in the platform, along with the exercises, would be provided to raise awareness about the condition and what to do to overcome it.

The client also needed custom made illustrations for the design of the project and RedLight took the challenge along with its partners.

Be A Mom helps mothers in their fight against post-partum depression.


Our Strategy

With digital distribution in mind, we set out to develop a website where users could find long reads and interact with a set of exercises that were created for the original study of the University. This meant creating strategies to overcome the ever-decreasing attention span of online users and create a digital environment that enabled long, easy, and focused reading.

A client requisite would be to record evidence and metrics, such as verifying whether the user would actually read the content and to know where the user stopped, how long it would take to read a specific page, and also be able to see how the user responded to the exercises.


The Results

Be A Mom was born in 2017 as a platform for mothers to find support in going through post-partum depression. The website has an admin access that enables user management and bulk export of all replies by users to be used for statistical purposes.

Be A Mom is a platform that is currently used by thousands of mothers, to prevent and help them fight post-partum depression related with the difficulties of raising children in the first months after birth using written content and thoughtful exercises.