Currently, a hospitality unity such as a hotel or other accommodation units needs to work with many services simultaneously to manage operations like bookings, invoicing and payments across multiple platforms that don’t connect between one another. Hotelcracy’s goal is to ease the management of these platforms by bundling them in one single place under a common experience.

Hotelcracy combines booking and invoicing features with any third-party service you want to use.


Our Strategy

We started out by integrating the most common tools used by hospitality units close to us as a way to reach more customers in a first approach to market-fit. Also, by having to work with different tools, each one with its set of features, there was a need to keep the experience at its most simple format, which required a new, organic and common user interface.


The Results

Hotelcracy is now a marketplace platform to integrate different third party service tools needed to operate hospitality units in one single place. Currently, Hotelcracy is on a closed alpha testing with a restricted group of hospitality companies.