RedLight and other software consulting companies need a modern tools for managing their work logs. This includes being able to perform time-tracking while enabling both collaboration between teams and solo ventures like freelancing, and supporting scenarios like subcontracting and customized pricing per team member.

The heterogeneous nature of these scenarios dictates that whatever the solution is, it needs to adjust to many different needs from differently sized companies that want to use it. However, it must be simple to use and easy to integrate with modern tools of task management & office communication.

Time is running and you’re doing what you can to make it count. Clocking your time is easier with plae.


Our Strategy

Creating a time tracking/management tool that stands out from the competition but focuses on software development teams that need to collaborate remotely. On top of that, it should support a wide range of functionalities like customized pricing per team member, position, or project, allowing for full customization on project setup. It should also be simple to use as a company or as a freelancer working for many companies at the same time.

The Results

Plae is now available as a web app in a open beta version. It currently integrates with Slack, GitHub, and your own terminal. Teams and freelancers are now using plae to track the time they spend on developing new products.