Brands invest heavily in product placement inside retail stores, by contracting specific placement in aisles, promoting special deals, and other similar physical services, in the expectation of raising customer awareness and product visibility.

Given the geographic extension and the distance that can separate these retail locations, most brands find it difficult to verify whether the conditions of these services are fulfilled, and risk investing without being able to validate their proper implementation.

With this problem in our hands, we set out to build a platform that makes it easier for a brand to audit how the contracted service looks like when it’s out there, even if it’s based in a remote location.

RetailEye is a B2B platform that allows brands to audit in real time their physical marketing campaigns in stores around the country.


Our Strategy

Looking at other companies based in the gig-economy system, we chose an approach that relied on a community of task doers (crowdsourcing) to perform the remote verification of these services in retail locations in representation of a brand. In return, every user who completed the submission of feedback would be paid for it.

The Result

RetailEye is now a software-as-a-service platform for companies who sell products in brick-and-mortar locations to confirm if/how the contracted services are set up.

Brands have access to a web app where they can create assignments (missions) for the community to complete. The community, on the other hand, has access to an Android and iOS mobile app where they can find additional information about nearby available missions, execute them, and provide feedback, plus manage their profile and credit wallet and withdraw the money they earned through RetailEye.