Digital health care provider MD Revolution sought to create a new version of RevUp, their digital care management platform. This product allows clinician to patient communication and lets health care professionals follow the patients’ medical, physical, and nutritional data to be able to act on it, either with a short-term care or even as an emergency.

The client approached us to build the latest version of the product from the ground up, employing state-of-the-art technologies.

RevUp reaches more than 100.000 patients in the US.



Our Strategy

The architecture of the platform needed to be based on 3 main components for interfacing with patients, allowing clinicians to connect, communicate and help patients, to perform account management and to administrate the platform itself, including all its functionalities and data.

In order to create a relationship between the professional and the patient, and stimulate patient engagement as much as possible, which is essential to allow professionals to provide the best care possible, it was necessary to provide them with an abundant source of reliable information and the means of managing workflows and data, as well as enabling them to communicate rapidly and seamlessly with the patient.

Several strategies are employed to serve that purpose such as implementing realtime communication methods that leveraged pre-existing channels, such as phone, SMS, email and push-notifications, as well as importing data from a wide array of API based health data integrations from existing EHRs and other external sources, like wearables, devices and other health-related platforms that RevUp patients would already use.


The Results

We created a multi-tenant platform (B2B2C model) that implemented three separate interfaces: one to be used by Patients, another for Clinicians and a third for Administrators/Managers.

RevUp leverages technological products widely used today to record metrics about the patients such as Apple Healthkit®, Google Fit®, Fitbit®, Withings® and other third-party apps to group all relevant personal information for chronic care management.

RevUp is now an affordable chronic care management technology providing more interactions between patients and their healthcare providers. It empowers more than 100.000 users to take ownership of their health, relying on the integration with products widely used today and forging a connection with dedicated professionals through the platform.