Straight Teeth Direct is the world’s first teeth straightening app. With Straight Teeth Direct, you get a first approach e-consultation for free, an impression kit to return moulds of your teeth and finally a customized set of aligners that your orthodontist will monitor remotely.

Having the product already launched for the web, the client’s first interaction with RedLight was to create an iOS app capable of serving as a standalone point of interaction between the user and the company.

Teeth straightening powered by high-tech, affordable orthodontics.


Our Strategy

Re-using the existing web app, we went on to create an iOS app that could manage the most important workflows such as the pictures taken by users, manage forward/backward shipping of aligners and also provide a new payment service.


The Results

The new Straight Teeth Direct app now includes the handling of all the photos, realtime message exchange with an orthodontist and checkout with promos to create a seamless experience for Straight Teeth Direct users.

The engagement between the company and Redlight has continued to strengthen, giving way to new projects.